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tony stark. iron man. genius. everything you've ever wanted to be in a metal suit. i enjoy flying, science, food, long walks on the beach, boobs, a good time, designer sunglasses, bruce banner, intelligent conversations, pina coladas, and getting lost in my brain. i like people. ... sometimes. leave me things in my askbox to give me something to do other than what i'm actually supposed to be doing.

(proud member of the assvengers, but always willing to rp with anyone and always up for aus. please note that tony can be quite the snarky little bastard sometimes, and he can be bitchy when prompted, and i beg you not to take offense to anything he says.)

I cannot even begin to explain how much this shows that Tony trusts and likes Bruce. 1) He is taking his stuff and Tony doesn’t even bat an eyelash. 2) It’s food, yet Tony still doesn’t mind. And we all know Tony’s relationship with food. Bruce > Food. Mind = Blown.